Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Thank You to my Students

Have you ever had a day like this?

While they are few and far between, I have.  They are the best!  I often joke with my students, "You will thank me later.  Even though your thank yous will just be in my head, I know that you mean them."  

When it popped into my head today, however, the thought was reversed.  Have I ever thanked a student who has had an impact on me?  Again, this is a conversation that I only have in my head. I thought I would write this post to thank some of my current students.  I will not be using any names, but I am certain they will be able to identify themselves.

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Thank you to the students who always come with a smile.  It changes the energy of my classroom and puts me in a happy mood, even if my day didn't start that way.

Thank you to the students who are always curious and questioning.  I know you think you are just distracting me from the learning targets of the day, but we learn so much more and in an authentic way.  Those are some of my favorite days.

Thank you to the student who is truly trying to make sense of the math and asks questions that others are probably thinking.  I have never had such a clear view into someone's thinking before and it helps me reflect on how I can teach things better.

Thank you to the student who shares strategies that help me see the math in a different way.  I will continue to use your strategies and understanding with future students.

Thank you to the student who shared a personal story with me and helped me reflect on the pressure that comes with always trying to improve.  I hope to spend more time letting people know how awesome they are, just the way they are.  

Thank you to the student who did not share a personal story with me, even though I saw it there from the first time you looked at me.  It helped me realize that I do not need to know your story in order to help you. (But know that I am always here should you need someone to talk to.)

Each year all of my students have an impact on me.  These are the ones that are standing out for me today.  Are there people in your life you appreciate and never told? What are you waiting for?


  1. I want to thank my co workers. They not only help me with my job, but they are good listeners, too. I appreciate our chats about life.

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